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7.30 - 9PM

You are invited to take your seat at Herstory’s re–creation of Judy Chicago’s canonical feminist artwork, ‘The Dinner Party’. You will be given all you need to introduce yourself to the rest of the table as one of the Herstory heroes. Together we will celebrate people and achievements that for so long have gone unrecognised. All genders welcome. Tickets £7.50



Alice Wroe, is a feminist educator, researcher, curator and founder of Herstory, a participatory project that straddles art, activism and education to engage people of all genders with the women’s history that has been systematically left out. Alice champions women’s history in a variety of contexts, including developing a visual piece for the recent U2 world tour, curating displays for Southbank Centre, undertaking consultancy work for The British Library, and working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on a film shown at Melinda’s keynote talk at the Games Changers Conference in New York.

or enquire at St Paul's Centre Office from Monday 12 March

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