Dr Rowan Williams - Hope and Loss


1.00- 2.00PM

Poets regularly write about both hope and loss. In this talk, Rowan Williams will be reading poems that express both the sense of exile from a place of home and security, and the hope (and sometimes reality) of homecoming. These will include works by writers from the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and also some modern pieces, among them a few of Rowan’s own poems.

The talk will explore how art deals with the sense of alienation and how it points to some sort of reconciled world of new possibilities.


Dr Rowan Williams was born in Swansea and educated here and at Oxford. Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002 to 2012, he has written a number of books on theology and on wider questions around culture, art and society, most recently,Being Human (SPCK 2018). He is currently Master of Magdalene College.

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